BBC Silverlight Zoom and Wow

Apparently Radio 1's Big Weekend is a big thing in England, and to launch the festivities they've made The Big Zoomy Photo Thing a central piece of the action (as you may guess, this is Silverlight/Zoom incognito).

(picture cropped to save room)

The implementation is beautiful. Click, roll, zoom. To give you a quick sense of it, here are two images. The first is the starter, I then zoomed in on the control panel (pointed to by the red arrows I added.

BigZoomy ZoomedOut

BigZoomy ZoomedIn

The progressive rendering is just mind-blowing. Every time I see it. And it is a blast to see it in a live usage, even if they don't have any really interesting pictures up yet (they will soon).

One of the folks who did a lot of the programming is a buddy (he refuses to be credited) and I will work on talking him into an interview about the programming experience. Stay tuned. I know that Tim Heuer is also taking a long look at Zoom so we'll have a good deal more on this very soon.

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