Xamarin: Calling Native code from a Hybrid Application

In a recent post, I described how to import code from ASP.NET MVC into a Xamarin Hybrid application.  In this post, I will show how you can reach into native code from that application.

Remember that our application has Views (.cshtml files), a Model class and a ViewModel class.  You will also remember that the UI consisted of a main page (with thumbnails of the images) and a details page with the image and associated meta-data.  We’d like to be able to tweet the image, and iOS makes this pretty simple.


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New Pluralsight Course: Kendo UI and AngularJS

Incredibly pleased to announce the release of my latest KendoAngular
Pluralsight course: Kendo UI and AngularJS From Scratch

This course is targeted at Kendo UI programmers who wish to integrate Kendo UI into AngularJS programs (e.g., rather than jQuery).  In only an hour and a quarter you’ll learn all you need to know to be productive.

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Yet Another Podcast Show 134 – Scott Hunter and ASP.NET V-Next

Scott Hunter of Microsoft joins Jon Galloway and me to discuss ASP.NET V-Next.  Scott HunterIf you are a web programmer do not miss this show.




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Falafel2Go and MVVM

When we decided to rewrite Falafel2Go, we quickly decided to do so MVVM Structurewith Xamarin Forms.

One of the many advantages of Xamarin Forms is how quickly you can write the software. Among the other advantages are that it supports XAML and databinding.

We thus made the somewhat obvious choice to use the MVVM pattern.

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Free e-Book: Learning to Master Cross-Platform Mobile Development With Xamarin

The good folks at Falafel have put together all my posts (to date) on e-book Xamarin and Xamarin Forms into an e-book, which is available free at http://jliberty.me/masteringXamarinBook

Enjoy, and thanks!

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iOS 8 is the biggest release since… iOS

iOS is now available and it is huge.  Huge.  Bigger than that.

There are 15 new frameworks and over 4,000 new or modified APIs.  The primary goals of this release are extensibility and adaptive ios8 logo(reactive) design, and they have gone very far with both, especially extensibility.

Among the highlights for developers are APIs for

  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Home Automation
  • Health and Medical
  • Photo editing
  • Interacting with cloud-based documents
  • Identifying more bar codes
  • Audio/video for gaming
  • Apple Pay and general NFC

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Yet Another Podcast #133 – Jon Galloway on ASP.NET

Jon Galloway, co-host, friend and Microsoft Evangelist joins me to discuss Jon GallowayASP.NET MVC 5.


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A Xamarin Project

Recently, Steve Smith, CTO of Falafel suggested we form a small team to re-write splash screenour Falafel2Go application which had been written a year earlier in Xamarin.  The goal was to learn, to demonstrate and to blog about Xamarin Forms.  This project was undertaken by Jesse Liberty, Venkata Koppaka,  and Josh Morales, with J. Tower kibitzing and Steve Smith providing the carrot and the stick.  All of us were working in our down-time, and so we didn’t expect the project to move along terribly quickly.

We started by creating a brand new Xamarin Forms application and setting up the code structure.  Xamarin Forms practically cry out for MVVM and so we began by creating  Views, Models and ViewModels folders.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing navigation and decided that we would not fight the platform, but that V1 would use a relatively simple ListView to act as a menu of Activities that the user could choose from.  Later in the process our designer, Matt Kurvin provided us with some beautiful visualizations for navigation.

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Yet Another Podcast #132: FalafelCon Roundtable

Talking with J. Tower, Josh Eastburn and Venkata Koppaka of Falafel Software about their upcoming presentations at FalafelCon.  We also discuss working remotely, software, AngularJS, Xamarin and much more.

Special 10% FalafeCon discount for
Yet Another Podcast Listeners.  

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Yet Another Podcast #131 – Phil Haack

Phil Haack works at GitHub, is formerly of Microsoft, and is always worth listening to.Phil Haack


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Hybrid Apps in Xamarin?? Part 2

In a previous blog post I started to create a hybrid application in Xamarin (see that post for why this is not an entirely crazy idea).

StockPhotoAppI glossed over the implementation of IDataAccess. Let’s focus on that now.  In the iosStockPhoto project we have divided the implementation of IDataAccess into two partial class files, DataAccess.cs and DataAccess.ios.cs.  The latter handles the path for the database file,

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Hybrid Apps in Xamarin??

Today I begin a new series of blog posts on creating Hybrid Applications in Xamarin.

This material will excerpted from the presentation I’ll be making at Evolve 2014, though I confess I’ll be holding back some cool stuff for the actual presentation.

Hybrid Xamarin??

A few questions come to mind:

  • What, are you nuts?
  • Why Hybrid?
  • Why Hybrid With Xamarin?

These all revolve around the central point that the beauty of Xamarin is that you write native applications for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone in C#. The key phrase is native applications. Hybrid is not native.

But Hybrid has a number of advantages, not least of which is that it can be a tremendously helpful bridge from your current skills and interests to creating native applications down the road.

As Joseph Hill (co-founder of Xamarin) writes in one of his slides that I ripped off for the Evolve presentation, “It’s Not A Battle To The Death, It’s About Using the Right Tool For the Job.”


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