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Yet Another Podcast #15 – Ian Griffiths

Talking with Ian Griffiths about C#, Async and much more.  Plurasight Programming C# Async CTP Listen | Return to Yet Another Podcast Call in comments:  1-347-YAP-CAST

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iPhone to Windows Phone 7 Tutorial: Objective-C, C#, Xaml

[ Link to First Tutorial ] While there is much you can “pick up as you go” if you are an Objective-C programmer, understanding some of the fundamental differences in C# can save you a great deal of time and … Continue reading

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Giving away Programming C# 4 – one per week…

If you’d like a free copy of Programming C# 4 direct from O’Reilly, just leave a comment… Continue reading

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Programmer Superstitions

There are a number of practices that we engage in –– no, that we cling to, and defend, and teach to others,  – that amount to magical thinking, or at best, rational failure. This is often just fine, no harm … Continue reading

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Coding Without A Net

I recently imposed on myself the constraint of coding without comments. Why?

* Comments rust faster than code, even when you’re careful
* Well written code can be read, and comments are annoying footnotes
* Comments make for lazy coding
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Events and Delegates Under The Hood – Q&A

In the comments from this morning’s post, Andrew raised two questions important enough that I wanted to answer them in a post, rather than in comments…. [In the original version of the posting] you had some code showing that you … Continue reading

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Events and Delegates Under The Hood – Reposted

Many programmers come to Silverlight with little prior experience with C#, and thus conceptualize events as a response to an action that is “hooked up” using somewhat arbitrary syntax.  All of that is fine, until it isn’t, and so this … Continue reading

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