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I’ll be speaking at DevIntersections/Angle Brackets

April 13-16, 2014 at JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando Florida I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be speaking at Angle Brackets.  Angle brackets is “a conference for lovers of the Web.”    It has been described as “the conference for those … Continue reading

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Firstarter 2010 – Data Binding

I had the great pleasure of presenting the Data Binding portion of the 2010 Firestarter, joining Scott Guthrie, Yavor Georgiev, Dan Wahlin, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Mike Cook, Jossef Goldberg and Jaime Rodriguez for an amazing day. Download the slides … Continue reading

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6 Steps To Presentations That Don’t Suck

1 Your Slides Do not read your slides aloud Use few transitions and keep them simple Do Not give out your slides in advance. Key:  Everything on your slide must be there for a reason.  That includes animation, colors, gradients, … Continue reading

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The Kinney And I – Boston Thursday May 13

I’m very pleased to announce that Adam Kinney and I will be at a Special Boston Spark event, Mix 2010 Recap

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UK and Ireland Slides and Links

I promised to post the slides I used during my SLHVP and Robust (MVVM/TDD) Silverlight Applications presentations. As noted at the time, they don’t stand on their own terribly well, and beyond that, they make extensive use of images that … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK & Ireland – The Final Chapter

The ferry to Belfast was uneventful, and Belfast itself is a beautiful, scarred city, caught between decades of violence and flickering hope for the future.

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Diary of a trip to the UK and Ireland – Thanks for all the fish

This is the penultimate entry in my on-going diary, a 90 second recording, in which I take a moment to thank everyone and capture for a good laugh,  my  absurd tendency to unconsciously modify the way I speak,  wherever I … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK and Ireland – Pain in the Ash

Dateline 21-April-2010 St. Andrews Scotland The User Group meeting in Dundee (“Silverlight From Zero”) and in the shockingly beautiful city of Edinburgh (“Silverlight LOB Applications Development with MVVM and TDD”) both went very well.  The turnout was good at Dundee … Continue reading

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Diary of a trip to the UK & Ireland – Day 3

Dateline London 14-April 2010 Yesterday (Tuesday) was terrific.  The drive from Bristol to London was punctuated by a quick side-trip to  drive through the Magic Roundabout (you didn’t think I could resist, did you?)  It was brilliant.  You can go … Continue reading

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