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12 MORE Insanely Essential Utilities For Programmers

In July I published a list of 12 Insanely Essential Utilities for Programmers. That list is still current and I’m still using every one of the twelve.  The list, however, has become popular enough, and there are enough great utilities … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast – Show #9 – Software Assisted Programming

Talking with Gary Short, Developer Evangelist from DevExpress on Software Assisted Programming  Listen | Return to Yet Another Podcast Call in comments:  1-347-YAP-CAST

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Announcing the Windows Phone 7 Release, WP7 Silverlight Toolkit and XNA 4.0!

Today is a great release day. We’ve launched everything you need to write Windows Phone 7 applications. Not only that, but we’ve also released XNA 4.0 not only for phone, but for all supported XNA platforms.

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The Great Silverlight Competency Test – #4

This is the fourth of twelve questions in The Great Silverlight Competency Test –  each of which I believe a competent Silverlight Programmer ought to be able to complete within no more than 1 hour.

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Tag-based Feeds

In this posting I will show how to create Feedburner feeds based on queries in Word Press using the  Feedburner plugins.

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Get Organized

I have ADD, (“oh look, something shiny!”) which means getting organized is a challenge, and making sure I can put my hands on any given piece of information a huge life-long effort, but technology has helped a lot, and after … Continue reading

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Yeti: A Review

A brief review of the Yeti… Comments welcome.

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12 Absolutely and Insanely Essential Utilities For Programmers

In every era in recent times there has been one profession that for a short while you could enter without formal training. Autodidacts in the 19th century could read the law without recourse to formal education (see Abe Lincoln). In … Continue reading

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Creating A Silverlight Blog That Doesn’t Suck

Want to stand out from the crowd? Provide me with information I can’t get elsewhere….

You have to focus on what your blog has to offer that is different, new, interesting, better than all the other blogs available, or I return to my original question: is this worth doing? Continue reading

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Two Incredible, Indispensable, Free Utilities

Here are two free utilities that are so incredibly valuable, it is stunning that they are both free (one is licensed under the Gnu Public License and the other is open source).

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Why Developers Should, Must, Do Care About The New Expression Blend

Okay, tough love: if you are serious about Silverlight development, the days of using one Integrated Development Environment for all you work are…. over.  The benefits of adding Expression Blend to your toolkit, and getting serious about learning how to … Continue reading

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Getting Started With Silverlight: A Path Through The Learning Material

I often receive email saying, more or less, “I am starting Silverlight, can you tell me what to read first.” We are working hard on creating a path through all the material for Getting Started. For now, I’d recommend the … Continue reading

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