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Yet Another Podcast #109–One ASP.NET with Jon Galloway

Jon Galloway, my friend and sometime co-host is interviewed by Jeff Fritz and me about One ASP.NET and what’s new in ASP.NET.  Jon is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft focused on ASP.NET and Jeff is a Developer Evangelist for Telerik … Continue reading

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New Pluralsight Course: One ASP.NET From Scratch

Extremely pleased and proud to announce my latest Pluralsight Course, this time co-authored with Jeff Fritz:  One ASP.NET From Scratch.  One ASP.NET From Scratch teaches all you need to know about the elements of programming with ASP.NET, including Web Forms, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #106–Jeff Fritz on One ASP.Net

Jeff Fritz joins me in a discussion of One ASP.Net.  This discussion became the basis for our forthcoming Pluralsight course One ASP.NET From Scratch.  Jeff is a Technical Evangelist for Telerik.  He can be reached on Twitter as @csharpFritz and … Continue reading

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A Personal Note – Moving On…

In our industry it is common to have a number of jobs during the course of your career. I’ve benefitted from my experiences at PBS, Citibank, Ziff Davis, AT&T and Microsoft to name just a few. In recent years I’ve … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #98–Jeff Fritz and ASP.NET, HTML5, more…

Jeff Fritz joins Jon Galloway and me to discuss ASP.NET, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, Agile programming and a whole lot more.  Jeffrey T. Fritz – or simply “Fritz” is an ASPInsider and Developer Evangelist for Telerik with over 15 years of … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #96–John Papa on SPA and Public Speaking

Talking with John Papa and Jon Galloway about Single Page Applications (SPA) and also about public speaking. John’s blog John on Pluralsight Listen | Yet Another Podcast

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