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Yet Another Podcast #68–Jeremy Likness and Windows 8

Talking with Jeremy Likness, about Windows 8 development, XAML development and the Sterling database. Jeremy is a Technical Project Manager and Consultant with Wintellect, and author of Designing Silverlight Business Applications and the  forthcoming Designing Windows 8 Metro Applications with … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #67–Pete Brown and Windows 8

Talking with Pete Brown about Windows 8 programming, Silverlight, WPF, Gadgets and much more. Pete Brown is a XAML and Gadget guy at Microsoft, as well as a former Microsoft Silverlight MVP, INETA speaker, and RIA Architect. He’s a father … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #65–Windows 8 with Michael Crump

Talking with Michael Crump about The Ten Things Silverlight Programmers Should Know About Windows 8 – based on a number of presentations Michael has been giving lately on Win8. Michael’s Blog Michael’s Telerik Blog Michael on Twitter Listen | Yet … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast–Silverlight Passion

Talking with Andrei Kashcha about his passion for Silverlight and the data visualization projects he has created.  Amazon Books visualization Viva Mind-map visualization Lab 49   Listen | Yet Another Podcast Call in comments: 1-347-YAP-CAST

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The Full Stack, Part 12: Adding photo support to our Windows Phone app – Capture, storage, and display

We walk through the code we used to add photo support to the WhoIsThat application, including: Using the Camera chooser  Restoring application state after the photo is taken  Decoding and displaying the image  Storing and retrieving the image

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Yet Another Podcast #36 Mary Jo Foley

Mary Jo Foley has covered the tech industry for 25 years, and has been following Microsoft for the past ten years.  She has written for ZDNet, eWeek and Baseline among other publications and web sites and is the author of … Continue reading

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Breakpoints on Xaml in Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 MiniTutorial Silverlight 5 Beta brings the enormously useful ability to set a break point in your Xaml where you have a data binding.  This can greatly simplify debugging and fixing binding issues.

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Implicit Data Templates (Silverlight 5)

A Silverlight 5 Mini-Tutorial A new feature in Silverlight 5 is the Implicit Data Template, which allows you to target a  data template for a specific data type.  Thus, you might create a class hierarchy of Messages, Direct Messages and … Continue reading

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Silverlight 5–Rich Text and Overflow

A Silverlight 5 Mini-Tutorial In Silverlight 5 we introduce a new element, RichTextBoxOverflow.  This allows one RichTextBox to have its contents “overflow” into another – excellent for multi-column presentation. [Click on image for full size] What is particularly nice here … Continue reading

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Silverlight 5–Combo box type ahead

A nice, small feature in the new Silverlight 5 Beta is the ability to type ahead in combo boxes. This makes choosing from long list far simpler. You can see this at work by whipping up a very quick Silverlight … Continue reading

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