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Yet Another Podcast #74–Adam Kinney–Windows 8 and JavaScript and HTML5

Talking with Adam Kinney, Independent Design Developer and former Microsoft Evangelist and Jon Galloway, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, about programming for Windows 8 using JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.   Adam’s Blog Adam on Twitter Jon’s Blog Jon on Twitter Win 8 … Continue reading

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10 Insanely Essential Utilities That Made It To My Windows 8 Slate

I’m spending more and more time on my Windows 8 Slate, but I don’t add programs or files to it lightly.  There are two reasons for that: Space is limited on its 125GB SSD I know I’m going to have … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #70–Jim Holmes & Automated Testing

Talking with Jim Holmes about automated testing. Jim is the evangelist for Telerik’s TestStudio and he is also the Chief Cat Herder for CodeMash.  Test Studio CodeMash Jim’s Blog Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Yet Another Podcast #69–Ward Bell

Talking with Ward Bell about data, web services, Windows 8, XAML, Javascript and much more. Ward is a Microsoft MVP and a founder and VP of IdeaBlade.  Ward’s Blog – Never In Doubt Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Yet Another Podcast #61–Agile Programming

Talking with Phil Japikse about Agile programming. An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, MCSD, CSM, and CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community, Phil Japikse has been working with .Net since the first betas, developing software for over 20 … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #57–Kendo UI

I spoke with Burke Holland, Kendo UI Evangelist, and Todd Anglin, VP of HTML5 Tools for Telerik about their new platform for creating HTML5/JQuery applications: Kendo UI. HTML5 Playground Less To CSS Generator PhoneGap – Build Native Mobile … Continue reading

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Context Menu

Windows Phone Tutorial The Silverlight For Windows Phone Toolkit is a magnificent collection of controls and utilities for writing Windows Phone applications.  Unfortunately, there is little or no documentation, and the samples, while wonderful, are quite complex.  At times, it … Continue reading

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Beautiful Page Transitions (Practically) Free

Windows Phone Tutorial I don’t just mean you don’t pay for the code, or the control, I mean we’re talking about 2 minutes of effort.  No joke. Step 1 is to download the November Windows Phone Toolkit and install it

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Yet Another Podcast #54–Damian Edwards on ASP.NET

Talking with Damian Edwards and Jon Galloway about the evolution of ASP.NET Web Forms, what’s coming in the new Preview and the three UI platforms built on top of ASP.NET Core. Damian is the Program Manager responsible for ASP.NET Web … Continue reading

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New Mini-Tutorial Video Series

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m starting a new video series based on my mini tutorials about Windows phone mango. These will all be posted on Channel 9 and you can also find them listed alphabetically on my Windows … Continue reading

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The Full Stack, Phase 2–Overview

Windows Phone Tutorial Last year Jon Galloway and I launched the Full Stack experiment,in which we video-documented the creation of a nontrivial application. Today we begin the second phase of this experiment, building a new application that will have implementations … Continue reading

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Drag and Drop in 30 Seconds

If this doesn’t convince you that it is worthwhile to learn Blend and Behaviors… Open a new phone project in Blend and drag a shape onto the artboard (e.g., an ellipse). Click on Assets –> Behaviors and drag  MouseDragElementBehavior onto … Continue reading

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