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Yet Another Podcast #181 – Matthew Robbins on MFractor

Matthew Robbins is a Xamarin and Microsoft MVP and he is the creator of MFractor, a mobile-first utility for Visual Studio Mac. Our site: Documentation: Localisation Tooling Blog: Notice: Yet Another Podcast listeners can use the following discount code for 10% … Continue reading

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Jeff Fritz on ASP.NET Core

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a senior program manager in Microsoft’s Developer Outreach Group that works with the community on open source projects and the new Microsoft .NET Core framework. As a long time web developer with experience in large and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast Show 126–Mike Bluestein from Xamarin

Yet Another Podcast returns with a great show with Mike Bluestein from Xamarin, talking about Xamarin Past, Present and Future.  Xamarin recently released Xamarin 3, and with it Xamarin Forms, greatly simplifying the process of creating cross platform applications. Xamarin … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #121–AngularJS Roundtable

We welcome Ari Lerner, author of NG-Book and Ward Bell and John Papa to discuss AngularJS and Ari’s comprehensive book on the topic. Ari Lerner’s ng-book site  Ward Bell’s Blog John Papa’s Blog Breeze IdeaBlade AngularJS Building SPA with Breeze … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #119– ASP.NET & Angular

  This round table of Scott Hunter – Microsoft Jon Galloway – Microsoft Ward Bell – IdeaBlade (Breeze) tackles two important issues: What’s coming in the relationship between ASP.NET and Angular (and related client-side technology) How do you differentiate what … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #118 Brian Prince on Azure

Brian Prince, Regional  CTO/DPE for Microsoft, talks about Azure and related services.  Brian is a brilliant guy who is very involved with the community and is a co-founder of CodeMash and the co-author of Azure in Action.  Brian’s Blog CodeMash … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #117–Elijah Manor and John Papa on jQuery and other JavaScript Libraries

  Two extraordinary guests, John Papa and Elijah Manor, discuss the role of jQuery in JavaScript today, and how it works and plays with other libraries such as Angular.  Elijah’s blog John’s blog jQuery Angularjs Elijah’s jQuery-free presentation Elijah’s jQuery-free … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #116–Tables Turned: Interviewing Jesse Liberty

In this podcast, my friends Jon Galloway and Jeffrey Fritz turn the tables, and interview me about life, the Universe and everything. Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Yet Another Podcast #115–Basem Emara on What’s Coming in Javascript

Basem is a Senior Software Engineer at Falafel Software.  He has over 10 years experience as a consultant and developer for dozens of projects for educational, advocacy, non-profit, small business, enterprise, and governmental organizations. As an innovator who recognizes and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #114–Test Driven Development

Jon Galloway joins me in talking with Phil Japikse and James Bender of Telerik about Test Driven Development and related techniques.  Telerik 30 Days of TDD Phil’s Blog Phil’s Telerik blog James’ Telerik Blog James’ Personal Blog Listen | Yet … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #113–John Sonmez–Pluralsight Author and a focus on ServiceStack

Jon Galloway joins me in talking with the amazing John Sonmez, who has written over 50 courses for Pluralsight.  We focus on ServiceStack and then on Xamarin, but touch on many related topics. John’s Website John’s courses on Pluralsight Service … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #112–John Papa & Dan Wahlin on Angular

Dan and John are both Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors, and they are both brilliant, fascinating and expert on AngularJS.  They are very successful Pluralsight authors, and Dan is the founder of  the Wahlin Group.  John and Dan are Internationally … Continue reading

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