New Azure Courses (Part 1 and 2)

Pleased and proud to say my first two Azure courses are now available on LinkedIn Learning (

Part 1 is a general introduction to Azure for developers.

Part 2 focuses on working with Data in Azure

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Yet Another Podcast #176 – All Things Visual Studio Mac

Mikayla Hutchinson is a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft working on Visual Studio Mac.  We discuss the state of the IDE and what’s coming.


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Yet Another Podcast #175 – John Papa

John Papa is a dedicated a father and husband, a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft, and an alum of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft RD and MVP programs.

His passions are deploying and teaching modern web technologies, and enjoying everything Disney with his family. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, and many popular Pluralsight courses


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Free Recorded Webinar on Xamarin.Forms

Click image or click here


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Yet Another Podcast #174 – Jon Galloway on Open Source

Talking with Jon Galloway, Executive Director of the .NET Foundation,  about open source.



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Live Webinar: Building Your First Mobile Application with Xamarin.Forms

Click here to go to sign-up page

Get started with mobile programming using Xamarin.Forms. Join me at our interactive webinar, Q&A and demo. I will:

  • Help you get started with Xamarin.Forms
  • Compare Xamarin.Forms with Xamarin Native
  • Demo Xamarin.Forms layouts and views

Learn how to build native mobile applications in C# with nearly 100% reuse. Bring your questions!

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Yet Another Podcast #173 – Jeremy Likness on Azure

Talking with Jeremy Likness about Azure. Prepare to have your mind blown!

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I’m speaking At DevIntersections. Get $50 off…

Click image, or click here

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Your First Mobile Application With Xamarin.Forms – a new Pluralsight Course

Pleased and proud to announce my latest Pluralsight Course…



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Learning Xamarin.Forms – Part 5: ListView

In Part 4 of this series we created a new Master/Detail project.  In this part, we’re going to zero in on one view on one page… but what a view it is!

This series is based on my  Pluralsight Course: Building Your First Mobile Application with Xamarin.Forms and Visual Studio 2017


Because we are using the out of the box Master/Detail project, and because that project uses some advanced techniques, taking it apart won’t be simple, but it will be valuable.

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Azure For Developers – Part 3: Deploying from Visual Studio

This is part 3 of an ongoing series on Azure for Developers, based on a set of forthcoming videos from LinkedIn Learning

In Part 2 of this series, we looked at creating an application in the Azure Portal.  More common is to create your application in Visual Studio and then to deploy it to Azure.  We’ll look at that now.

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Azure For Developers – Part 2: Your First App Service

This is part 2 of an ongoing series on Azure for Developers, based on a set of forthcoming videos from LinkedIn Learning

In Part 1 of this series, we began to look at some of the ways to “chunk” the various parts of Azure, and focused in on PaaS (Platform as a Service).  Let’s get started on our first App Service.

Open the Portal and log in as described in Part 1.  On the left, click App Services.  At the moment, you don’t have any, so click Create App Service.  This opens a long menu of App Services.  Scroll through and see what is available.

Click on ASP.NET Starter.  That brings up a review “blade.”  click  Create  This will bring up the ASP.NET Starter Web App blade, where you can configure your starter app.  Fill in a name.  To avoid conflicts I typically begin my application names with a couple letters followed by a dash, followed by the name.  For example, here I might use jl-firstApp.

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