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This page will serve as the Overview of the VideoWiki Application to be developed as part of the AgOpenSource project. This particular application is on temporary hold pending its move to Moderated Open Source as of July 30.


VideoWikipedia, videoWiki and ViKi all refer to the same concept, initially conceived in April of 2009. A videoWiki is a hyperVideo whose links are not fixed, but rather are determined by associating the video with one of potentially many sets of link sets.

In many ways, a videoWiki is best understood as a HyperVideo with interchangeable links. A normal HyperVideo has specific links associated with various  scenes or events in the video, or with a specific location in the video.  When you follow the link you may be taken to additional information or even to another video.

A video created for a videoWiki

does not have links at specific scenes or events, rather it typically has very frequent links added at regular intervals (e.g., every 10 seconds) that have no inherent meaning but serve as potential link points for the creator of the Viki.

To be clear: the creator of the video does not presume in advance to know what the creator of the links will want to link to! In fact, the very nature of a videoWiki allows for there to be many link creators.

With a videoWiki

, the set of links and where they take you are uncoupled from the video, and you may choose from a variety of links for any given video.

For example, imagine that when you choose a video on Creating Out Of Browser applications in Silverlight 3, and you are offered to watch it in our (not yet created) videoWiki

player. If you agree to do so, you are then asked which link set of video links you would like:

1. Links targeted at programmers new to Silverlight

2. Links targeted at experienced programmers

3. A link set created by <famous author>

4. A link set for those who like extremely technical commentary

Once you make your choice, you load your video and your link set, and as you watch, text with links slowly scrolls by  in a window next to the video. If you click on a link, the video pauses, and a new video opens with additional information.

The links you see with the video may be quite different from the links I see if we choose different link sets

History & Background Information

Some preliminary work has been done, here are links to those entries:


For background, you will also want to read the mini-tutorial thread on HyperVideo and take a look at the related videos.


Hypervideo Videos

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