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  1. Jesse Liberty
    August 12, 2010

    @Steve Ruben
    You just made my whole day, week and month. As for ADHD, the best title for a book I’ve ever seen was “You mean I’m not lazy, crazy or stupid.”

    But as a society there is a gap between what we say about mental illness and what we really feel. My boss talks about his diabetes. I doubt he takes much of a career risk doing so. Talking about my ADHD is different, and raises all those familiar questions “why do you need to talk about this; isn’t it private?” yadda yadda. That’s all code for, there’s nothing *wrong* with it, we don’t really think it is a moral failing, but it isn’t quite okay either. Too broad a statement, but true for an awful lot of folks i meet.

  2. Steve Ruben
    August 12, 2010

    Your tutorials are really great, love the focus on silverlight. With your help my company and I where able to deliver our medical systems built with Silverlight 3/4 with ease. Also I think it’s great that you understand ADHD there are so many people in this world that only think of it as a disability but fail to see the enabling side. When I hyper focus I can work for long stretches 3 – 5 producing both quality and volume that non ADHD brains often have a hard time keeping up with. Having ADHD also makes you a wiz in whiteboard / brainstorm sessions.

    Thanks again for all your great tutorials and code samples it’s people like you that make working in the Microsoft community of developers so fun.

    – Steve.

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