FalafelCon with TWO Free Workshops??

Zero hype.  Free means free.

Sign up for FalafelCon (Monterey, September 14-17)  and iStock_Joyous-computer-man-on-beach-XSmall.jpgyou not only get full admission to all of FalafelCon and all of TechIntersection, but under this special deal you get the IOT workshop by Doug Seven ( all day Monday) and my Xamarin workshop (all day Friday) free.

(Or if you prefer, pay for both and get a Surface 3)  


This deal is so new, and so crazy that you can’t sign up for it online.  You have to call: 203-264-8220 and say you want “Jesse’s deal.”  They’ll sign you up!




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Yet Another Podcast #141: Greg Shackles on Xamarin

GregSThis week, Greg Shackles: mobile expert and Xamarin MVP; host of Gone Mobile Podcast.


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52 Weeks of Xamarin: Week 3- Events in Xamarin.Forms

In this, week 3 of 52 Weeks of Xamarin, we’re going to pick up where we left off last week, and add event handling to our buttons


There is much to do to make this a working program, and starting next week we’ll begin to add real logic, as well as a Model class (data) and a ViewModel class (logic).  We’ll also begin to add unit tests, and shoot for test-driven development.

But I did promise to illustrate how event handling works, and so this week I’ll show how to respond to a button press.  This is very simple, which means this week’s posting will be a bit short.

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Yet Another Podcast – Show 140: J. Tower

jtowerThis week we have J Tower,  Telerik Expert, Community Organizer, Itinerant Consultant


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52 Weeks of Xamarin: Week 2 – Starting the project

eggwithlight This is the second week of 52 weeks of Xamarin.  To make this all more interesting and practical, we’ll start on building a quasi-real-world application; the iconic To Do List.  

The application shown in this and future columns is based on an application I explore in depth in my forthcoming Pluralsight course, Beginning Mobile Development with Xamarin

Step 1 is to open a new project.  Choose Cross-platform App/ Blank Xamarin.Forms App,  and name it 52ToDo.  As you work your way through the configuration wizard be sure that Use Portable Class Library is selected.  

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Newest Pluralsight: Xamarin.Forms and Data

image_thumb.pngI’m very proud to announce my latest Pluralsight course: Xamarin.Forms and Data.



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52 Weeks of Xamarin – Week 1

This launches 52 Weeks of Xamarin, an opinionated series in which I will post (at least) one instructional blog post on Xamarin a week.  In this series I’ll be talking about Xamarin.Forms as well as “Xamarin-native” iOS and Android.  We will follow the caterpillar’s advice and start at the beginning, carry on to the end, and then stop (paraphrased).  Beginner material will quickly yield to more advanced problems and techniques.

An introduction to Xamarin.Forms.

When a technology takes off in popularity as Xamarin.Forms has, more and more articles are about advanced features, and the beginner has a hard time getting started.  Let’s rectify that.  What I’m about to show you is not for the feint of heart; I won’t be teaching this nice and easy, I’ll be teaching it nice and hard (with apologies to Ike and Tina Turner).  That is, I’ll be moving along quickly, and referring you to the documentation or my own courses and books where things might otherwise bog down.

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Xamarin with James Montemagno

James Montemagno

James Montemagno is a Developer Evangelist at Xamarin and Microsoft MVP.

He has been a .NET developer for over a decade working in a wide range of industries
including game development, printer software, and web services.

Previously, James was a professional mobile developer and has now been crafting apps
using the Xamarin Platform for over 4 years.

Today we discuss all things Xamarin.

Xamarin Dev Days: http://www.xamarin.com/dev-days

Xamarin.Forms: http://www.xamarin.com/forms

Xamarin University: http://www.xamarin.com/university

Xamarin Test Cloud: http://www.xamarin.com/test-cloud

Plugins for Xamarin: http://github.com/xamarin/plugins

James: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jamesmontemagno

James: Blog: http://motzcod.es

My Shoppe: https://blog.xamarin.com/connect-to-customers-with-my-shoppe-template-app/

Moments: https://blog.xamarin.com/build-your-own-snapchat-clone-with-xamarin.forms-and-azure/


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Words I Thought Were Yiddish

Yiddish has permeated our culture, probably due to the over-representation of Jews in the Entertainment industry.  Almost all Americans know the basic meaning of schmuck, chutzpah, oy vey, etc.

But there are English words that I always thought were Yiddish.  They sound Yiddish.  They should be Yiddish.  But they’re not.

Here’s my starter collection, please leave comments with  yours…

Spatula Always pronounced by everyone I know as spatch-uh-luh.  Look at the shaynah maydelah mit ein spatula.

Tumult – Tell me this shouldn’t be Yiddish!  Such a tumult he’s making

Finagle – This one really must be Yiddish.  The dictionary says no, but tell that to Finagle A Bagel

Smush – What kind of English word is this?

I’ll add more as I run into them.


PS: I think Amazon is missing out on a bet… for Chanukah they should have the Macabeats singing “Shaynala Kindel-ah”

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Yet Another Podcast Show 138 – Jon Galloway

jgJon Galloway is a friend, a walking encyclopedia of all things web and Microsoft and a former winner on The Price Is Right.

Having Jon on is always a blast, and a chance to learn what’s new with ASP.NET and all sorts of things.




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Yet Another Podcast #137 – Basem Emara

Basem has over 10 years experience as a consultant, developer, and trainer in the web and mobile space. He has helped enterprises pioneer their industries using JavaScript, .NET, and now iOS and Apple WatchKit.

Basem has 2 Apple Watch apps in the store that were available before the launch of the device and will soon launch his 3rd. You can view his apps at http://zamzam.io.

In this podcast, we talk about all things Apple Watch



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XAML for Xamarin

My newest Pluralsight course, XAML for Xamarin.Forms is now available.  In this course you learn everything you need to know to achieve expertise in XAML to get the most out of Xamarin.Forms.  The major topics include

Rock Climbers

  • Getting Started
  • Introduction to XAML
  • Navigation and Events
  • Data Binding
  • Events
  • Lists
  • Tabbed Pages
  • XAML and MVVM
  • XAML Styles
  • Triggers
  • Messaging

This course is targeted at those who want to write in Xamarin.Forms but have little or no experience with XAML.  That said, experienced XAML programmers may well find the last two modules valuable.

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