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API – Video 1

An experiment in supplementing the API material with video. This will be rough at first…

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.NET MAUI Videos Free

I’ve posted my .NET MAUI For Xamarin.Forms Programmers and Advanced .NET MAUI videos on YouTube.

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.NET MAUI Forget Me Not – Part 6.5

I have posted the (incomplete) code at https://github.com/jesseliberty/GraniteStateForgetMeNot and a video of much of the material captured in this series is now on YouTube

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Windows 7.5 Video: Fast Application Switching

The latest in the “Mango Videos” series is posted.

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New Videos Uploaded

I’ve recently uploaded a number of new Videos in the Windows Phone 7.5 video series.  The two most recent (uploaded today) are on persisting an image and navigation within an MVVM application.

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A Dozen Windows Phone Videos… And Counting

Video #12 was recently posted to The Mango Videos on Channel 9 – this a short video on Reminders in Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango).

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Silverlight TV–On Reactive Extensions

I had the opportunity to talk with John Papa on Silverlight TV about Reactive Extensions. 

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