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Many web programmers, especially Angular programmers are turning their attention to Reactive programming.  While I don’t know of any books on ReactiveJS (yet) I can shamelessly mention that I do have a book on Reactive Extensions and LINQ.   NB: … Continue reading

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Underscore: LINQ (almost) for JavaScript

As part of my emerging series on LINQ from Scratch, I’d like to take a small detour today  into what you do if you need the functionality of LINQ in your JavaScript program.  You can read my solution here. 

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LINQ From Scratch #2–Deferred Execution

I’ve posted the second in my emerging series on LINQ From Scratch here.  This one is about deferred execution, a small but critical feature of LINQ.

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LINQ From Scratch

I’ve started a new series, LINQ From Scratch, which you can read here.   The first article is on Getting Started and on LINQPad. I hope that this will be useful and interesting and I look forward to your comments and … Continue reading

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A Personal Note – Moving On…

In our industry it is common to have a number of jobs during the course of your career. I’ve benefitted from my experiences at PBS, Citibank, Ziff Davis, AT&T and Microsoft to name just a few. In recent years I’ve … Continue reading

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Windows 8–Grid View

GridView is one of the most powerful out-of-the-box controls in Windows 8, but fully understanding how to use it is not necessarily trivial.  The complexity, I believe, comes because GridViews are often used to hold groups of collections, rather than … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #84–Chris Eargle Discussing Advanced C# and LINQ

Chris Eargle, Technical Evangelist for Telerik, joins me in a discussion of C#, advanced LINQ and some of the esoteric corners of C# and functional coding.    Chris’ Blog Chris on Twitter Chris’ Profile INETA Listen | Yet Another Podcast … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #58–Julie Lerman and EF/CF

Talking with  Julie Lerman about Entity Framework and Code-First.  Julie’s blog Julie’s Book website Microsoft Entity Framework Developer Center EF Team Blog Domain Driven Design Listen | Yet Another Podcast Call in comments: 1-347-YAP-CAST

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The Full Stack, Phase 2–Overview

Windows Phone Tutorial Last year Jon Galloway and I launched the Full Stack experiment,in which we video-documented the creation of a nontrivial application. Today we begin the second phase of this experiment, building a new application that will have implementations … Continue reading

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Silverlight TV–On Reactive Extensions

I had the opportunity to talk with John Papa on Silverlight TV about Reactive Extensions. 

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LINQ Pad vs. Visual Studio for Learning LINQ

A LINQ Tutorial As noted in numerous other postings, I’m convinced that LINQ is an essential aspect of serious Windows Phone (or virtually any .NET) programming.  One of the great tools to come along for learning and working with LINQ … Continue reading

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The LINQ Zip Operator

LINQ I am a strong believer that .NET programmers in general, and Windows Phone programmers in particular need to become proficient in LINQ.  As part of that belief and commitment to the Windows Phone community, I have created a series … Continue reading

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