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Yet Another Podcast #74–Adam Kinney–Windows 8 and JavaScript and HTML5

Talking with Adam Kinney, Independent Design Developer and former Microsoft Evangelist and Jon Galloway, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, about programming for Windows 8 using JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.   Adam’s Blog Adam on Twitter Jon’s Blog Jon on Twitter Win 8 … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #57–Kendo UI

I spoke with Burke Holland, Kendo UI Evangelist, and Todd Anglin, VP of HTML5 Tools for Telerik about their new platform for creating HTML5/JQuery applications: Kendo UI. HTML5 Playground Less To CSS Generator PhoneGap – Build Native Mobile … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #55–David Plat on Why Software Sucks

Talking with David Platt, author of Why Software Sucks about software design, both good and bad David’s Web Site   Listen | Yet Another Podcast Call in comments: 1-347-YAP-CAST

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Beautiful Page Transitions (Practically) Free

Windows Phone Tutorial I don’t just mean you don’t pay for the code, or the control, I mean we’re talking about 2 minutes of effort.  No joke. Step 1 is to download the November Windows Phone Toolkit and install it

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The Full Stack, Phase 2–Overview

Windows Phone Tutorial Last year Jon Galloway and I launched the Full Stack experiment,in which we video-documented the creation of a nontrivial application. Today we begin the second phase of this experiment, building a new application that will have implementations … Continue reading

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Adding Icons to the DateTime Picker

Windows Phone Tutorial If you just add a DateTime Picker (from the Windows Phone Toolkit) to your application, it will work but its icons will be very unsatisfactory – just a pair of X’s.  To get the proper icons, follow … Continue reading

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