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Pluralsight Course: Windows 8 From Start to Store

Shameless self-promotion warning! I have released my first (but not last) Pluralsight course, Windows 8 From Start To Store .  This XAML and C# – based course covers everything from design fundamentals to data to getting your app in the … Continue reading

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Windows 8–Secondary Tiles

Continuing my series based on the presentations I’m giving on Europe, today I return to Tiles to look at creating Secondary tiles. A secondary tile can be created by the user and pinned to the start menu to provide deep … Continue reading

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Creating A Live Tile

Continuing my series of Blog posts that distill the presentations I’m giving this month in Europe and the UK, today I’ll take a look at creating a Live Tile.  Live tiles tell the user that something interesting is happening in … Continue reading

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Windows 8–Search Suggestions

I recently started a series of postings from my tour of presentations in Europe and the UK.  Today I’d like to return to Searching (which I started to cover here), and this time take a look at what it takes … Continue reading

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Windows 8 App Bars

In my previous posting I said that I’d be distilling parts of my presentations into blog posts.  This post continues that idea, focusing on the App Bar.  If we are going to place Content Before Chrome and remove as much … Continue reading

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Searching in Windows 8

Windows 8 Store Applications can take advantage of the shared “Charms” that you see when you swipe in from the right edge of your Windows 8 device (or press Win-C).  The top charm is searching and it provides tremendous functionality … Continue reading

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Is XAML Part of the Future?

In recent months I’ve had a number of folks on my podcast talking about Windows 8.  Whether they prefer to program W8 in XAML/C#  or in HTML/Javascript, I always ask the same question: does XAML have a real future or … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #74–Adam Kinney–Windows 8 and JavaScript and HTML5

Talking with Adam Kinney, Independent Design Developer and former Microsoft Evangelist and Jon Galloway, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, about programming for Windows 8 using JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.   Adam’s Blog Adam on Twitter Jon’s Blog Jon on Twitter Win 8 … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #72–Chris Bowen On Windows 8 Programming

Talking with Chris Bowen, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, on Windows 8 Programming and resources for programmers. 30 Days To Launch Chris’ Blog Top 10 Windows 8 Secrets of App Success Building Windows Blog Windows Team Blog Windows Store Blog VS 2012 … Continue reading

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Win8, WinRT, Metro, Oh My

There has been a great deal of confusion about the differences between and among WinRT, Windows 8, Metro, Metro Applications and etc. [ Click on the image for full size ] While there is no reason to be absolutist or … Continue reading

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