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Many web programmers, especially Angular programmers are turning their attention to Reactive programming.  While I don’t know of any books on ReactiveJS (yet) I can shamelessly mention that I do have a book on Reactive Extensions and LINQ.   NB: … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #129–Paul Betts

Paul Betts is my co-author of Programming Reactive Extensions and LINQ and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  He now works at GitHub, and lately has been writing about Xamarin and using Reactive UI as an MVVM framework. … Continue reading

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Cost vs. Size of Books

My newest book, Programming Reactive Extensions and LINQ, is released. I’m very  excited about this book, and believe that it provides high-quality information that would otherwise be hard to find, clear explanations, and useful examples. Paul Betts and I worked … Continue reading

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Silverlight TV–On Reactive Extensions

I had the opportunity to talk with John Papa on Silverlight TV about Reactive Extensions. 

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Managing Resources with Reactive Extensions

Reactive Extensions While Reactive Extensions will clean up after itself, it is still your responsibility to manage limited resources, and to dispose of  any unmanaged resources. You can, however, use a variant on the using statement with Observables.

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Reactive Extensions–FromAsync

Reactive Programming I’ve been struggling with getting my head around the exact relationship between Rx’s approach to asynchronous programming and the traditional Begin/End pattern common in .NET programming. With the help of Paul Betts I created a side by side … Continue reading

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Hot and Cold Observables in Rx

Reactive Programming Continuing my intermittent series in Rx, today I take a look at Hot vs. Cold Observables in the Reactive Extensions Library.The distinction, in a nutshell, is this: Hot observables are like a river – you can dip into … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #27–Paul Betts

Paul Betts works in Office Labs at Microsoft and is the creator of Reactive UI – an MVVM framework based on Reactive Extensions. Reactive UI Paul’s Blog NuGet Page Reactive UI Download and Source Listen| Return to Yet Another Podcast … Continue reading

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Reactive Extensions–More About Chaining

Reactive Programming, Posting # 10 In the previous posting on Reactive Extensions, we created an application that calls on the Bing translation service to translate a phrase into Japanese, and then back into English.  This allowed the introduction of the … Continue reading

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Select Many: Reactive Extensions’ Mother Of All Operators [Chaining]

Reactive Programming, Posting # 9 Reactive Extensions (Rx) has a number of operators that we’ve looked at already, including Select, Throttle, Subscribe and so forth.  While SelectMany is not the most important Rx operator, it is surely the most powerful. … Continue reading

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Asynchronous Callbacks with Rx

Reactive Programming, Posting # 8 One of the tried and true patterns in .NET programming is to call an Asynchronous service (e.g., BeginGetResponse) and to then provide a callback to a second method for when the call completes.  This can … Continue reading

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Reactive Drag and Drop Part 2

Reactive Programming, Posting # 7 In Part 1 of this 2 part posting we looked at capturing the mouse movements.  The key code in Part 1 was, var q = from start in mousedown from pos in mousemove.StartWith( start ) … Continue reading

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