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Changing Teams But Not Focus

Change is always difficult and exciting.  I’ve been with the Developer Division since I started at Microsoft, working in the same role (Community PM) for a number of different managers.  I have now moved to the Windows Phone Team as … Continue reading

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Mango Announcement

Andy Lees today announced the Mango release, and the availability of the development tools.  Read more here.

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Developing for Windows Phone?? Bookmark This Site

My colleagues in Developer Guidance have created 22 topic/scenario-focused web pages on App Hub, the Windows Phone developer website, that provide a comprehensive view of all the resources available for Windows Phone development. The pages are self-contained, single-page search targets, … Continue reading

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Mix, Silverlight and Windows Phone

A very exciting time at Mix this year, especially if your focus is Windows Phone or Silverlight.   On the Windows Phone front, the next release, code name Mango was announced.  Mango brings Windows Phone fully up to Silverlight 4, and … Continue reading

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Testing Network Availability

Windows Phone From Scratch #42   We would like to live in a world in which any time you turn  your phone on the network is there, full strength.  We’d also like to live in a world of peace and … Continue reading

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Silverlight Unit Test For Phone

Windows Phone From Scratch #41   There has been some confusion about how to make the Silverlight Unit Tests work on Windows Phone.  The latest release of the Silverlight Unit Tests comes with the Silverlight Toolkit, and it targeted at … Continue reading

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The Full Stack 8–Adding Search to the Phone Client

Part 8 in the Full Stack series in which Jon and I are building an entire application from conception to delivery that includes MVC 3 ASP.NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone. Also available on Channel 9

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Sterling DB on top of Isolated Storage – 2

Windows Phone From Scratch #39   In yesterday’s posting we looked at the Sterling Database. and how to set up and initialize tables, store an retrieve data.  Today we’ll build on that to set up the database in App.xaml so … Continue reading

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When Isolated Storage Isn’t Enough

Windows Phone From Scratch #38 When you wish to persist state across usages of your application, Isolated Storage allows you to write to the disk and stash away key-value pairs.  For state, this is usually sufficient, but if what you … Continue reading

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Reactive Drag and Drop Part 2

Reactive Programming, Posting # 7 In Part 1 of this 2 part posting we looked at capturing the mouse movements.  The key code in Part 1 was, var q = from start in mousedown from pos in mousemove.StartWith( start ) … Continue reading

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