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  1. Peter Wone
    June 16, 2011

    Hi Jessie. Your comments on the excellent new facility for debugging returns from dormancy have sparked a thought on how the debug story can be greatly improved for location aware apps.

    Mango lets you control the position reported by the Location service. Finally, it’s possible to debug location event handling.

    However, this is not enough for regression testing. What is required is the ability to storyboard a simulated journey. Ideally, the storyboard would manage position, heading, speed, acceleration, jerking and orientation, with enough of a physics model to allow some of these factors to be computed from others – if you specify speed at two times, the acceleration between should be assumed linear for simplicity unless a jerking function is supplied (acceleration A = dV/dT, jerking J = dA/dT).

    In fact this is most often applied to motor vehicles so the jerking function would be kT^2 because the force goes up with the engine revs which is a function of T.

    No need to go into it in any more detail than that because you can almost certainly get mature easing functions (these are basically easing functions if you ask me) from any modern game framework.

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