OzCode– 4 Star Help with Debugging

I loaded OzCode onto my machine some months ago, but didn’t really start to see its shutterstock_72169075benefit until recently, when I’ve been intensively debugging C# code.

The more I use it the cooler I think it is.

Make no mistake, this is still a Beta product (and is free while still in Beta), but that is good news, as it is only getting better. 

Some of the very cool features of OzCode are the ability to see why a complex expression evaluated true or false,


and the ability to search for values in a collection (a huge win!)


Other very cool features include

  • mark which data within a large collection you are interested in and then see that data displayed clearly and easily
  • compare values in two similar (e.g., before and after) collections
  • add tracing to any line of code at debug time
  • enhanced exception information

and a good bit more.

OzCode runs in two modes: Standard and Enhanced. Enhanced gets you two cool features (Simplify [the first image above] and Foresee [iteration visualization]) but so far, for me at least, Enhanced mode grinds my 16GB, SSD desktop to a crawl. 

I’m told that they are both working to fix that problem and working to move Simplify out of Enhanced mode.  Both would be good.

The documentation is currently minimal and woefully inadequate, but they are aware of the problem and they tell me they are actively hiring a tech writer. 

I’m not yet certain that OzCode is a mandatory tool, but it certainly has the potential to be.  It complements Visual Studio and Resharper nicely, and doesn’t interfere with my work flow; but it’s there when needed. 

All in all, if you program for a living, I highly recommend you check out their Beta program.

Watch for my interview with the principals of OzCode, coming later this winter on Yet Another Podcast.

<Disclaimer>I received OzCode for free as a Microsoft MVP. I only recommend things I personally endorse and would otherwise recommend without further consideration. I’m disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. This review reflects my opinion alone, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of my employer or anyone else.</Disclaimer>

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