Learning Xamarin: Forms and XAML

In my previous posting (the first in this series) I showed how to create a Monkeysimple cross-platform mobile application using the new Xamarin forms.  In this posting, I will recreate that same application, but using XAML.

The XAML that is used in Xamarin is very (very!)  close to the XAML that was used in Silverlight and is used in WPF, Windows Phones and Windows 8.x.  So close, that Xamarin Forms are a natural and happy path for XAML programmers into mobile application development.

Once again, fire up Xamarin Studio (or Visual Studio). We’re going to reuse the Monkey class and the MonkeyVewModel that we used in the previous posting

When using XAML the data binding will be explicit and the use of a ViewModel will be even more important.  Continued

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