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Continuing my series based on the presentations I’m giving in Europe, Notificationtoday I turn to toast notifications. As with Tiles, Toast notifications are a great way to let the user know that something interesting is happening with your application.

Toast notifications can be very complex but their essence can be stripped down to just a few lines of code, especially thanks to the NotificationsExtensions library available from Microsoft. 

Create a new application, add the NotificationsExtension library and add a reference to the NotificationsExtension library to the main project.

In MainPage.xaml we’lll add a single button to launch the toast,

   1: <Grid Background="{StaticResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">

   2:     <Button Name="xToast"

   3:             Content="Display Toast"

   4:             Click="xToast_Click_1" />

   5: </Grid>

In the event handler, in the code behind, we’ll begin by declaring a variable that implements the IToastNotificationContent interface. 

   1: IToastNotificationContent toastContent = null;

We ask the NotificationsExtension library ToastContentFactory to create a ToastText01 Template Content object,

   1: IToastText01 templateContent = ToastContentFactory.CreateToastText01();

We set the text property of the Body Text Field of templateContent,

   1: templateContent.TextBodyWrap.Text = 

   2:     "This is the body text and if it is too long for the notification, it wraps";

Finallly, we set the IToastNotificationContent object we declared earlier to the templateContent,

   1: toastContent = templateContent;

We can now call CreateNotification through the IToastNotificationContent interface, getting back a ToastNotification object,

   1: ToastNotification toast = toastContent.CreateNotification();

We call CreateToastNotifier on the library’s ToastNotificationManager to get back a ToastNotifier and we use that to show our toast,

   1: ToastNotifier notifier = ToastNotificationManager.CreateToastNotifier();

   2: notifier.Show(toast);

In its simplest form, that is all it takes to create a toast notification locally.  We’ll take a look at using the Windows Notification Service to create toast notifications from the cloud in an upcoming blog post.

Download the project software here


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