The Great Asynchronous Learning Experiment – Day 5

The following is part of a continuing "fantasy learning experience" of a .NET programmer learning Silverlight using the resources on this site. The premise is that this experience is "asynchronous" in that you may choose to join our novice at any time, reading the various day's entries as you like, adding to the experience with your own comments, exercises, etc.  

Bold print entries are from the part of my brain which is the Silverlight Geek.  Light print entries are from the fantasy novice. 


<whew!> I finally made it through all the set up, decided based on Silverlight Geek's entries, that I'll use Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 as my development environment (see BUILD SILVERLIGHT 1.0 RC APPLICATIONS USING VISUAL STUDIO 2008 ) and, having followed the discussion on this blog, I'm going to install Justin's library to allow me to have Intellisense in Javascript.

"Yesterday" – day 4, I figured out how the various pieces of the default application (HTML, js files and xaml files) fit together, so I'm ready to get started building an application. I see there are a lot of videos, and I very much like the fact that I can dip in and watch them as stand alone lessons; rather than having to watch a bunch of lead-up videos to get to the material I want (whether this works in fact or just in theory, we'll see…)

I notice there are three choices under LEARN: Quick-Starts, White-Papers and Videos.  I'm inclined to start with the videos, but which one?  I think I'll work my way through some fundamental skills: how do I create a shape, how do I add fills and gradients, how do I animate that shape, how do I create and respond to events.

Great, here's what I need:

  • Creating a shape: video 9
  • Adding Fills – video 9
  • Adding Gradients – ??
  • Animation – Videos 18 and 30
  • Events – Video 21 and 30 and 31

Oops, looks like I need to do a video on Shapes, fills and gradients, especially gradients. I'll add that to the top of my list. Stay tuned… Silverlight Geek is on vacation this week,  (taking my first born to college <yikes!>) but I'll get on that as soon as I'm back




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