Did You Know That… there are sites that can help you find the best articles on Silverlight

In his seminal work, The Wisdom of Crowds, financial journalist James Surowiecki notes that large numbers of people can often provide better or more reliable information in the aggregate than any member of the crowd can as an individual. The canonical example is that if you ask 50 people to guess the number of marbles in a jar, and provide them with an incentive to be accurate, the average of the guesses is likely to be closer to the correct answer than most of the individual guesses.

It is in this spirit that a number of sites have been created in which blog readers and site users are invited to vote on the quality or utility of various contributions. One site of particular interest to .net programmers is the open-source, community based news site DotNetKicks.com

The main page shows a list of the latest popular stories with links to the top stories of the day, week, month and year. All of the stories relate to programming in .net.

You can submit stories from the website, vote for stories on the website, and some authors will include a kick–it button on their stories, to allow you to vote for the story while reading it.


Articles with more kicks are elevated as top stories, and thus are probably worth a look.

While it is our goal that Silverlight.net will continue to provide not only the best articles on Silverlight, but virtually everything you need for learning and using Silverlight, DotNetKicks.com can be a powerful resource for finding additional top quality articles and blog entries.

kick it on DotNetKicks.com

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