My Last Pre-Mix Web Cast: Feb 6: Dynamic S.L. 1.0 Apps w/ CreateFromXAML

I will be giving my last pre-mix Webcast on Feb 6 (did i hear cheering??) on Feb 6 on the topic: "Building a dynamic Silverlight Application using a web service, the downloader and CreateFromXAML" — you can read more about it and register for it through the MSDN Events Site


I have a series of Webcasts planned about Silverlight 2 once it is released, and I will post that schedule as soon as (a) we unveil <smile> and (b) I learn how to post to the Microsoft events site (which you will not be shocked to learn is non-trivial)

JFK (the O'Bama of my childhood) is reported to have said about Washington DC that it "combined Northern charm with Southern efficiency. "

I find that Webcasts combine the demand for all the organization and flow of ideas of a live presentation without the feedback of having an audience in the room with you. That is, they're hard to do well. Add to that my total inability to manage the microphone, keyboard and windows at the same time and… well bear with me… the material will be great.

In fact, this last 1.0 web cast (for a  while) should be pretty interesting because we'll be looking at how you can add to your Silverlight control at run time based on XAML that you obtain from a web service.

One final note; after 2.0 is released, we'll have 1.0 out as a released product, and 2.0 as a Beta product. I personally will not be walking away from 1.0 at all; though of course I'll be spending a lot of time looking at 2.0 (everyone loves the puppy, but never ignore the dog).


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