One more gadget (the ego never quits)

BlogGadgetI woke up at 5 this morning, so I decided to take apart the Silverlight Tip of the Day gadget that Kelly White had so kindly created and, as an exercise in egomania, modify it to display all my blog entries, rather than just those that are tagged as Tip of the Day.

It turned out to be an interesting adventure in playing with Sidebar gadgets, in the frustration of making sure you find all the references to all the images, and not much more than that (oh yes, it was a good time sink).

In any case, here it is, if you want a copy: Silverlight  Just unzip it into the usual gadget folder and it will run side by side with the Tip of the Day gadget, or you can choose one or the other or neither.

Now, to make this at all relevant, the next step is to put a Silverlight control together that does the same thing. That would be worth blogging about!
















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