Learning Silverlight 2 – More things you can do today.

if I were a bleeding edge Silverlight programmer who just cannot wait for release of Silverlight 2 and its documentation, here is what I'd do today:

  • Read Scott Guthrie's blog post  "First Look at Silverlight 2
  • Read Programming WPF (2nd ed) , especially these Chapters:  Layout, Input, Controls, Simple Data Binding, Styles, Control Templates, XAML
Programming WPF
by Chris Sells, Ian Griffiths

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Another approach, which I think might be very profitable would be to recreate Scott's Digg application in WPF (or as much as you can). Little of what you learn will be wasted, and it is my personal suspicion that within a year (plus or minus six months) every Silverlight and WPF programmer will realize that they need to become proficient in both technologies (remember, Silverlight was originally called WPF/Everywhere).  That is not an official Microsoft position (in fact I just made it up) but now that I've said it, it makes enormous sense to me (see Scott's 8th tutorial).

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