Tip of the Day: Silverlight 2 Videos and Tutorials Available

Updated 18:33 Pacific time (UTC -8). Even as Scott Guthrie announced the availability of Silverlight 2, Beta 1, we also posted and made available the first of the new Silverlight 2 How Do I videos and the first of the Silverlight 2 Tutorial Series. (in html or downloadable PDF)



To get to these, please click on the Learn Tab





Once you are on the Learn page you'll find a new button for the Silverlight 2 videos,





At the bottom of the Learn page you'll find yet another new section, this one with a link to the new tutorials,


The tutorials posted today are:

  • Tutorial 0: Silverlight 2 Tutorials Road Map – A revised introduction to the Tutorials and a whirlwind  tour of programming with Silverlight 2
  • Tutorial 1: Controls and Events –  provides a tour of the Silverlight layout controls and standard input controls, as well as a detailed explanation of events and event handlers and the use of Routed Events and event bubbling in Silverlight.
  • Tutorial 2: Data Binding – The principle objects of data binding (source, target, mode and binding object)  are introduced, along with a business object to bind to. The DataContext property is explained and oneway and twoway binding is demonstrated.
  • Tutorial 3: Styles and Templates – Styles are objects that factor out the setting of properties that modify or set the appearance of controls. Templates are objects wholly revise the appearance of controls without changing the behavior of the control. This distinction is made clear and the use of Styles and Templates is demonstrated. 


I sincerely hope you will find these helpful

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