Back up your code!

In 1993 I was given this brilliant cartoon – and I'd love to find out who created it…

Best Personal/ Small Business Offsite Solution I've Found

While I have you, one of the better, less expensive solutions I've found for solving my own off-site backups (after struggling for years) is to use Carbonite, which works silently and effortlessly on files or folders in the background at a tiny fraction of the cost of most off-site services. The downside? They don't version your files. The solution? Have them back up your versioning database! It is amazingly easy to set up, to maintain, to use, and absurdly inexpensive ($50 for one year, unlimited data!)
[This opinion is my own, does not express that of anyone else, lest of all any of my employers or publishers, I have no affiliation with the people who make carbonite, your mileage may vary, contents are hot, void where prohibited, the superman underwear will not make you fly, do not use hot irons on clothing you are wearing)


Finally, while I'm totally off topic, I have to offer this as told to me by my 12 year old daughter….

Werner Heisenberg is pulled over by the state police who demand his driver's license. The cop asks him "Do you know how fast you were going?"

 "No," says professor Heisenberg," but I know exactly where I am."

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