Beta 2 Month

Beta 2 has been announced, and as you may know from Tim’s post and Karen Corby’s, one of the big and wonderful additions to Beta 2 is a new model for skinning Silverlight controls. There are a lot of other new additions as well, and I'd like to dedicate June to tutorials, videos and blog posts about some of the most exciting.

The timing is good, because I just finished updating all the tutorials for Beta 2 (watch for them to be posted shortly after Beta 2 is available) and the one I did not update is #3 Styles and Templates. 

I chose not to update that one because the new model is so much better there was no point in fixing up a tutorial on typewriters when computers are about to land on your desk.



The Plan

During June I'll release

  • A new tutorial that covers Styles, Templates and the VSM in great detail
  • How Do I videos on Styles, Templates, Visual State Manager, and tying it all together
  • Videos on Animation, new controls, Data Binding improvements, and much more
  • Multiple “digging deeper” blog posts and…
  • June 18 – Round Buttons with Visual State Manager The first in my new series of Web casts unlike any I’ve tried before: much higher value, much more information, much more use of the medium.

This should just be a blast. 


So, sign up for the June 18 WebCast and don’t forget to join SLMicroBlog to be kept up to date.










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