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Another in a series of ruminations about how to Present Silverlight.

One of the brighter Silverlight coders and MVPs asked me tonight “what is all this about your changing how you present at conferences and web casts.” 

In answering him, I realized that my thinking continues to evolve, and that it might make a somewhat interesting post, so here it is[1]

What I have in mind begins with refocusing on Silverlight capabilities and the application of those capabilities rather than the syntactic specifics. We do a great job drilling down in our  videos and the tutorials,  and I don’t believe that is why people come to our presentations or Webcasts.

To create a 45 or 60 minute presentation that grabs a programmer and lights up the imagination, I believe you need to start with some form of limiting discipline. The one that works for me is to grind down my idea until I can state it clearly in a single simple sentence. 

The harder task is to then keep that single idea driving every aspect of the presentation.

What you value is what you’ll deliver


[1]  Almost none of this is  original and my thinking on this was most recently and positively influenced by two great presenters: Garr Reynolds and Scott Hanselman)

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