Three New Videos On Data Binding

[Temporary Notice – The video DataBinding and Data Templates in Xaml has been pulled due to a production problem that is expected to be resolved no later than Tuesday.]

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve posted three new videos on DataBinding and on DataTemplates (creating templates that control the display of a collection of data in a list control such as a list box)


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An Overview explains the fundamental concepts of DataBinding and ListTemplates.





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DataBinding and DataTemplates in Xaml shows how to bind the properties of business objects to Silverlight controls in Xaml and how to create DataTemplates by hand.




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DataBidning and DataTemplates With Expression Blend recreates that same work using Expression Blend (and note that it is 9 minutes vs. 22!).





A Note To Those Who Want Deeper Material

I’ve received a lot of feedback from users who feel that we’re mired in introductory material; especially about data. I will at a later date write a longer blog post on this, but the short response is “I hear you and your wish is my….”  

While balance is important (lots of folks are still just arriving) there is no reason we can’t dive deep as well. The Webcast schedule calls for a discussion of Creating Skinnable Custom Controls and From DB to Display in the Data Grid with Silverlight, but those are pretty far out on the calendar (Aug27 and Oct 15 respectively). I can certainly get tutorials and videos on those subjects out before then.

In the interim, let me know what other advanced topics you’d like to see covered and either Tim or I will try to make sure we add them to our list and give them high priority.


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