When Will Silverlight Ship?

I have received a number of emails asking when Silverlight will ship; and I’ve promised to look into it for a number of folks who very much need to know.  Here is what I found out…

Mature man with blue shirt, closed mouthWhile the incredible success of the use of Silverlight in facilitating the viewing of the Olympics and the Democratic convention speak to the solidity of Silverlight 2 and to the very high standards we’ve set, we’re not quite ready to make any announcements. (sorry).

Please be assured that we totally understand how much you need to know the date, but as has been true all along, when we announce a date we want it to be a date you can count on, and we are working hard on getting you that date as soon as we possibly can.

Where Has Liberty Gone?

While I have you, let me apologize for the recent slow down in information coming from Liberty Central.  I was on vacation for much of August (and, as many of you know, dealing with family “stuff”) and I’ll be “out of office” for much of September: I’m in Redmond this week, and will be in England and Ireland from the 14th to the 25th (Remix, Bristol, Dublin and Ulster).

Once I return, I hope to ramp up a significant set of more advanced videos, supplemented by tutorials, web-casts, and blog posts, and then venture into a couple new approaches. The goal will be to meet the needs of those of you who want to go beyond the fundamentals, while still ensuring that the “on ramps” to Silverlight are kept in good condition as programmers arrive. I have a long list of advanced topics from your suggestions and from talking with folks here, and Tim and I are looking at a lot of cool ways to get that information out.

In the meantime, please be sure to catch my next webcast on September 10: Creating Skinnable Custom Controls.

About Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty has three decades of experience writing and delivering software projects and is the author of 2 dozen books and a couple dozen Pluralsight & LinkedIn Learning courses. He was a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, a Distinguished Software Engineer for AT&T, a VP for Information Services for Citibank and a Software Architect for PBS. He is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.
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