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I've received quite a bit of mail this week about advanced tutorials, so here's a quick note of what is planned.

As you know we have RTW on the way, but I believe these plans will not be held up by that.

1. All the existing tutorials will be updated to appear in two versions: one native to C# and one native to VB and all future tutorials will appear in two versions as well.

2. One tutorial will be released in each of October, November and December. Then, starting in January and running until at least July, I'll be publishing two somewhat shorter, more focused tutorials every month.

3. The vast majority if not all of the tutorials will be on the 300 or 400 level – that is intermediate to advanced.

4. Very short tutorials and walkthroughs will be appearing in my blog, which I am committed to publishing daily with useful info.

5. All the tutorials will be supplemented by videos, and I anticipate building to a schedule that will allow me to create approximately 75 videos per year. I will be increasing the post-production value (zoom, call-outs) while reducing the time-to-market.

5. Both the tutorials and videos will be showing more cross-platform and cross-browser material depending on interest.

About Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty has three decades of experience writing and delivering software projects and is the author of 2 dozen books and a couple dozen Pluralsight & LinkedIn Learning courses. He was a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, a Distinguished Software Engineer for AT&T, a VP for Information Services for Citibank and a Software Architect for PBS. He is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.
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