Compiling the Silverlight 3 Video’s Code

As of this morning I have uploaded five videos (with C# and VB source code) for Silverlight 3.  To have this ready at the moment of release I opted for most to build with pre-beta code. This note will review what to do if you run into trouble making the code work (and if it is a problem I’ll quickly rebuild with the release Beta code).


Element to Element Binding 


Using 3-d Part 1

3d Part 2

Using 3-d Part 2


Timer Input Control


These were  all built with just-pre-Beta source and should present no trouble at all.  I will double check them today and if there is a problem I’ll post how to fix and I’ll replace the code immediately.


Domain Up Down Control


This control was actually built with using Silverlight 2. We’ll have both  C# and VB Silverlight 3 examples posted as quickly as possible. 

Toolkit Control User Interface

It is always possible that between the time we create the video and the time the Toolkit control is released, the dev team will decide to “reskin” the control. That is the wonderful thing about “lookless” controls.  The good news is that the API and functionality is unchanged, and you can reskin them yourselves as well, as explained, for example, in the thread starting here

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