Update on Video Source Code

Update on Video Source Code

First, thanks for your patience. I’m happy to confirm that the source code for Element to Element Binding and Using 3d are all correct for the Beta release. In addition, we’ll be posting the source code for Part 1 of Using 3d today as well.


Element to Element Binding


Using 3-d Part 1

3d Part 2

Using 3-d Part 2


Timer Input

There was a very minor change to the enumeration for showing seconds used in the Timer control and we are uploading the revised code for that video immediately,


Timer Input Control


Domain Up/Down

The DomainUpDown control requires two minor changes. First, you’ll want to allow just a bit more room in the Xaml for the control,


Domain Up Down Control

<StackPanel x:Name=”AirportStackPanel”
    <ContentControl Content=”Airport List”
          Style='{StaticResource Header}’ />
    <StackPanel x:Name=”DomainUpDownPanel”
       <input:DomainUpDown x:Name=”AirportUpDown”
Be sure to compile your Toolkit controls against the appropriate Toolkit library (for Silverlight 2 or for Silverlight 3).  The code is unchanged, the API is unchanged, but you must choose the correct set of APIs. 
More about where the Toolkit libraries are now stored in my next post.

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