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I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a new AgOpenSource project, code named: project Turing.

The Turing project will prototype a fully automated web service and Silverlight Front End for the display of any blog entry* that discuss Silverlight programming skills.

*Current design constraint is Microsoft employees only.



Functional Design

There will be three core modules

1. Data Entry

The goal is to lower the barrier to data entry. Eventually we’ll want to support all of the following (and more) for sending in the information required to be listed

  • Email using a fast simple syntax or a template
  • A web site
  • A plugin for LiveWriter
  • etc.




2. DataBase and Web Service

The second part of the design calls for the storage of the information in a SQL Database and the retrieval of that information through a WCF Web Service.


3. Silverilght Application For Display

The front end to the application is a Silverlight data grid that allows the user to sort and otherwise customize the display.





[updated 8/4/2009]


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Jesse Liberty has three decades of experience writing and delivering software projects and is the author of 2 dozen books and a couple dozen Pluralsight & LinkedIn Learning courses. He was a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, a Distinguished Software Engineer for AT&T, a VP for Information Services for Citibank and a Software Architect for PBS. He is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.
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