Review: Microsoft Web Cam (QB)

My boss sent me a Microsoft High Def Web Cam, (we do a lot of teleconferencing).  CameraDimensions

I admit to being somewhat skeptical initially; I had a web camera, seemed to work fine.  This new camera blew me out of my seat. 

The overall quality was awesome, and the depth of field extraordinaire (so much so that I had re-tilt the camera so as not to show my messy office!)

The built-in digital microphone appears to be good enough that I can use it with my dictation software and eschew my regular headset, which is very nice. 

I’m particularly fond of the WebCam base. It is made of extremely flexible material, and allows me to attach the camera both to my flatscreen monitor and to my laptop with zero difficulty. WebCamBase


This really is the best webcam I’ve seen.




A quick note on Quick Bits:LifeCamHD

I tried the experiment of presenting “Quick Bits” (too large for twitter, too small for the blog) on separate pages. After reviewing usage and listening to reader feedback, I’ve decided to reintegrate Quick Bits back into the main Blog, but with the Quick Bits tag so that you can read (or avoid) them as they appear.  I’ll migrate the existing ones that are worth keeping over the next week or so.





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