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The State of the Silverlight HVP Project


  • LeanKit Kanban has licensed us under their Open Source provisions, and has gone the extra mile to give virtually unlimited licenses.
  • An e-learning start up is negotiating to contribute approximately 20+ hours per week for up to 3 months of free programmer time under the Ms-PL open source license as they are interested in using the HyperVideo player in their own project. This is not finalized, but is very exciting.
  • Six independent programmers have volunteered to contribute their time and effort to the project.
  • Discussions are under way with three different groups that may provide UX expertise.
  • Numerous groups inside and outside of Microsoft have expressed interest in participating in, or using the SilverlightHVP – announcements to follow as this firms up.

 Help Wanted: QA Testers – if interested, please contact me.


Today I checked in the scaffolding for the Silverlight HVP player, tearing out the test code in the player derived from the Silverlight Media Framework and adding ListBoxes for the Table of Contents and the Links. I also added splitters to allow the user to resize the windows, and a top and bottom row (in case we need it!)



The steps to making these changes were to open the template in Blend and create a copy named SLHvpNoToggleButton in the same file (SlhvpPlayer.xaml).

I took out all the changes we added previously, and then added 5 columns and 3 rows, placing the player in the second row, third column.

In the first column (second row) I added  a list box to hold the Table of Contents, and hard wired some ListBoxEntry items as you can see in the image.

In the fifth (far right) column (second row) I added a second list box in the same way, to represent the links.

The second and fourth columns in the second row hold splitters to enable the user to resize the columns.

All of this is checked-in to source code control as build 52656 available on the Silverlight HVP CodePlex Site under the Source Code tab.









Project Management Tasks

In addition to providing a more solid starting point, this completes a number of tasks. Here is the state of the project as represented on our KanBan board:


The newly completed tasks are under Ready To Deploy.  White indicates a task, Green a Feature, Light Blue an Improvement.

Ready for Dev. indicates items from the backlog that have been pulled forward, waiting for a developer to take ownership. Participating developers start out as Patch Programmers (there are currently six), information on contributing is here

Release Schedule

As you may know, as of now, I’ve committed to two milestone releases.

Current plans are to release an approved version every other Wednesday beginning December 23. Source code is continually available.



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