Migrating From WP7 to Mango–Fast Application Switching

A Windows Phone Mini-Series

In part 1 of this series, I provided links to downloading and installing Windows Resuming Phone Mango.  In this, part 2, I’ll provide links about one of the most important new features for Windows Phone Mango: Fast Application Switching.

In Windows Phone 7 there was a noticeable delay when switching among third party applications (that is, the applications that are not built into the Operating System), because applications that were switched out of memory were tombstoned. 

With Mango, this delay can usually be avoided, because of a new dormant state in which the memory and state of the application is preserved, and thus there is no need to restore state programmatically. 

Every application should be updated to take advantage of Fast Application Switching, which is okay because it is quite easy to do, as I show in FAS – Don’t Panic and in FAS Made Easy.   [ If you prefer watching a video to reading blog posts, check out this presentation at Mix 11. ]

As an additional resource, here is an article that goes in depth into the Execution Model for Windows Phone.

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