Yet Another Podcast #53–Scott Hanselman on Blogging

Talking with Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway about creating great blogs Hanselman and how to avoid those things that make a blog “suck.” 

Scott’s a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, and has one of the most popular technical blogs on the ‘net.  He is also the host of Hanselminutes and co-host of This Developer’s Life

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About Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty has three decades of experience writing and delivering software projects and is the author of 2 dozen books and a couple dozen Pluralsight & LinkedIn Learning courses. He was a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, a Distinguished Software Engineer for AT&T, a VP for Information Services for Citibank and a Software Architect for PBS. He is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.
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6 Responses to Yet Another Podcast #53–Scott Hanselman on Blogging

  1. Doc says:

    nargalo din pala kau ng nyan my M.u din kami kaso lack of money and players hnd nag click pero try naming ibalik paki post din d2 pag meron na

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  3. Scott says:

    Scott’s coolness factor multiplied when he told that Paul Reiser story and I realized he must listen to Marc Maron’s podcast.

  4. Eddie says:

    Just putting my 2 cents in here too Jesse, really enjoy the podcasts, but this one was very jarring when it suddenly ended. If you’re worried about length then split them up into multiple Part 1 and IIs by all means.

  5. Christian says:

    I agree with Dave Williamson. Was that on purpose? It’s a really good episode, but sounds like it is chopped off halfway through…

  6. Dave Williamson says:

    Podcast # 53 ends at 25 minutes and change in the middle of Scott making a reference to your web site’s ability to show more on the home page. If this wasn’t planned then this is an FYI. If this was planned then insert head scratch here.

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