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Jesse Liberty is a Master Consultant for Falafel Software, and has three decades of experience writing and delivering software projects. He is the author of 2 dozen books and multiple Pluralsight courses, and has been a Technical Evangelist for Telerik and for Microsoft, a Distinguished Software Engineer for AT&T, a VP for Information Services for Citibank and a Software Architect for PBS.

This Post Has No Value

I set out to write a post on Incremental Searching in Xamarin applications (which I will do next) but along the way I realized i need a goodly amount of data to search. This is a  problem that arises fairly … Continue reading

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IoT – Opportunity Knocks

This marks the first in a series of postings on the Internet of Things (IoT).  Come with me as I learn more about these emerging technologies which promise to revolutionize everything we do. First, the obligatory introduction for those of you … Continue reading

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Dialing a number using DependencyService in Xamarin.Forms

As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I love Xamarin.Forms; principally because of XAML and DataBinding.  It is just easier to create a cross-platform (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) with Xamarin.Forms than any other way. Sometimes however, you do need … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast – Reboot!

Yet Another Podcast (YAP) had quite a run in its first iteration.  We had (among many others), Scott Guthrie, Miguel de Icazza, Scott Hanselman, Charles Petzold, John Papa, Laurent Bugnion… the list is too long. Reboot The last show, however, … Continue reading

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The $20,000 Xamarin Programmer

If Xamarin programing is going to be how you make your living,  then I highly recommend this list of hardware and software. iOS, OSX, Android, Windows Phone, Windows   If you are going to develop on both Mac and Windows, it is painful … Continue reading

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Macbook Pro Retina 16GB/512GB For Sale

15.4-inch MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Quad-core Intel i7 with Retina Display 16GB of memory and 512GB Flash drive.  It is one year old, in excellent condition and has 2 years left on AppleCare. Cost me $3200, asking $1600. Email to … Continue reading

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Xamarin.Forms: Segmented Control

iOS has a very useful segmented control.   It is, essentially, a set of radio buttons that look more like an array of normal buttons…   It would be great to have this on iOS and Android, and by the … Continue reading

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Instructor’s Motto

My mistakes are part of your learning (With apologies to Shawn)  

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Xamarin: Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows Call it a sliding window, a drawer, a hamburger; it is the latest craze in navigation.  You click on the ubiquitous icon of three lines and the page slides over to reveal… Well whatever you want.  Often it reveals … Continue reading

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How to send and receive posts safely

By now, all my friends and relatives know that if they receive an email, even from someone they know, they should not click on any links. (Danger, Will Robinson). But I like sending links to important articles or videos.  How can I … Continue reading

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10ish Cool New Products

What follows are products I’ve recently discovered, that now I can’t live without. Back Pack Let’s start with the best backpack I’ve ever owned This is the Cocoon, which sells for about $100. There are two main pockets. The larger has … Continue reading

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Xamarin MVP

What can I say, I’m truly grateful and proud…   Keeping good company   Special thanks to Lino Tadros and Falafel Software for paying me to have way too much fun with Xamarin.

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