Does Silverlight change 3 tier to 6 tier?

I received the following email…

Maybe I am crazy but I see the creation of new design patterns around Silverlight 1.1.  It looks to me like there will a dual three tier architecture pattern involving three tiers on the server and three tiers on the client.  What do you think?

 My answer follows, but I'd be very interested in your ideas. Comments very welcome.

My short answer is: no, I think three tier won’t be affected by server or client; there will still be the presentation layer (with Silverlight that will occur in the browser, with very rich client side widgets), business objects (most of which will live on the server, with some optimization on the client) and persistence, almost all of which will be on the server (except of course if we implement something like Isolated Storage as alluded to in ScottGu’s blog of 6/19.

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