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In my recent post I tried to distinguish between my (mis?)understanding of the role of an Evangelist (helping folks figure out if they want to commit to Silverlight) vs my role  as I see it (helping developers ElmerGantry lean and use Silverlight).  It is hard enough defining ones own role, let alone the role of others.

My Evangelist friends define their role differently, more inclusively as people who are passionate about the technology they work with.  In that sense, my post reeked with condescension ("you guys are just in sales, I'm a developer).  It is the Dilbert attitude towards marketing (at times  deserved, but certainly not applicable in this case). So, live and learn. The interesting thing is, none of them complained; they are too busy getting their work done.

Some other ideas: Evangelist  Evangelist  Evangelist

All of which is to say, there are a lot of folks here at Microsoft who are spinning in circles getting ready to talk with you about Silverlight 2; eager to show off what we have, and hoping that you will be as enthusiastic as we are.

Much more to come soon..



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