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I admit it, this has little to do with Silverlight per se, but it is such a useful utility, and I use it so much all day (including when I’m programming) that I thought I’d share it with you, at least briefly.






Every time you copy anything to the clip board, it is captured to ClipTrack (though you can create white and black lists to change that behavior). You can find things in chronological order, alphabetical order, by when they were clipped,by when they were pasted, by type (image, text, web, etc.) or you can create folders (favorites, project based, whatever). You can look at web pages in html view, text view or web view, and modify before re-saving or pasting.  It just goes on and on.


Area 1 has the menu (which includes some powerful option settings) and four buttons: add a clip (lets you hand create text to add to the clip board), delete a clip, paste and move (move from one folder to another). 

Area 2 is the list of folders – there are pre-designed folders (by date when clipped, by date when pasted, by type (images, text, html, etc.) and also custom folders (favorites, by project, etc.). Below Area 2 in area 5 are buttons to create and delete custom folders.


Area 3 is a list of the clips in the folder you’ve picked. Each title can be changed without changing the clipping and the image to the far left indicates the type of clip.

When you highlight any clip it is displayed in area 8, and can be edited using the tools in area 6. For complex types (e.g., web pages) and you can switch your view from HTML to TExt to Web which is very nice.



I wrote to the author (Mark Sweeney) and asked for a feature in a future release: take whatever is the current clip and let me print it. What I had in mind was that there are times I want to copy and print something from the web that is not well formatted; I’d rather not have to paste it into a text editor and then print from there. Within a day he added the print button (area 7) that not only has print setup and print preview, but automatically defaults to “shrink to fit printed page”  along with a host of other useful features.  Truly great.






Please note, the application is available through PC Magazine utilities, which is a subscription service.

Full disclosure, I was formerly employed by Ziff Davis, which was at one point the parent company of PC Mag and I was, even earlier than that, the WizOp of the PC Mag BBS but that was long ago and far away.

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