Silverlight 2 Releases Tomorrow


I’m very pleased to confirm that we’ll be releasing Silverlight 2 tomorrow.

eWeek has an article that mentions the release and our funding for an open-source project to create an Eclipse plug-in for Silverlight.  My personal opinion is I can’t imagine using Eclipse for Silverlight development on the PC given the availability of Visual Studio…. but on the Mac, if/when such a thing is available… that would be very different. (Of course, this is a personal preference)

ZDNet covers the story and mentions that Silverlight penetration is approaching 50% in some countries, and that during the Olympics,, powered by Silverlight had 50 million unique visitors, 1.3 billion page views.  Here’s what ZDNet has to say about the Eclipse announcement

Microsoft is going to be working with Soyatec to bring Silverlight development capabilities to Eclipse, which in theory means that we could finally have Mac and possibly even Linux development tools for Silverlight. According to the press release this will also be free. A technology preview of the tool is available now

Computer World’s coverage includes these morsels

Microsoft is also releasing for free a set of programming templates called the Silverlight Control Pack under its Microsoft Permissive License, as well as the technical specification for Silverlight’s Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) vocabulary via Microsoft’s Open Specification Promise…[and] letting users of the free Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition write Silverlight applications

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