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Back in Israel after 40 years

Today, I find myself in Tel-Aviv in preparation for the SELA conference this week.  It has  been 40 years since I have been in Israel. 

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Windows 8–Who Cares?

I am in Europe this week and for the next three weeks, traveling from city to city and giving presentations on Windows 8.  Along the way I will be distilling these presentations into blog posts, adding in commentary about what … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Laptop Bag?

Last summer I followed Jeff Blankenburg’s lead and asked What’s In Your Computer Bag?, and then I posted what was in my bag at the time.  As I get ready for my trip to Europe and the UK, it seems … Continue reading

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Speedometers and GPS units

I’ve noticed that the speedometer in my car says I’m going faster than the speed reported by my GPS.  On reflection, this makes a lot of sense, and the GPS is almost certainly right.

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