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A Baker’s Dozen on Web Applications

I am in the middle of unrolling on Pluralsight,  a complete entry-level program in  developing Web Applications, with a focus on free and open-source software. At its heart are these courses: Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC, ServiceStack and Bootstrap Building … Continue reading

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New Pluralsight Course: Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC, ServiceStack and Bootstrap

Very pleased to announce my latest Pluralsight course: Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC, ServiceStack and Bootstrap In this course you will learn to create a meaningful web application using Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC coupled with the open-source projects ServiceStack and Bootstrap. … Continue reading

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New Pluralsight Course: Sublime Text 3 From Scratch

Very pleased to announce my latest Pluralsight course:  Sublime Text 3 From Scratch Sublime Text 3 is the premier text editor for programmers. This course provides a complete tour of the editor along with extensive coverage of options, plugins, customization, … Continue reading

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Essential Development Tools–Part 2

In a very recent post, I described a number of Insanely Essential Utilities for developers.  It occurs to me that I put the cart before the horse, and prior to installing any of that, you need a development environment that … Continue reading

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Two Dozen Insanely Essential Programmer Utilities*

Lately I’ve been focused much more on Web development.  Along the way, I’ve discovered a number of utilities that are simply essential to successful coding, depending of course on which frameworks and libraries you are using.  Here’s a sampling, intended … Continue reading

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A Personal Note – Moving On…

In our industry it is common to have a number of jobs during the course of your career. I’ve benefitted from my experiences at PBS, Citibank, Ziff Davis, AT&T and Microsoft to name just a few. In recent years I’ve … Continue reading

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Pluralsight Course: Windows 8 From Start to Store

Shameless self-promotion warning! I have released my first (but not last) Pluralsight course, Windows 8 From Start To Store .  This XAML and C# – based course covers everything from design fundamentals to data to getting your app in the … Continue reading

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Windows 8–Storing App Data

While your Windows 8 Store application is running, you want to be saving data all the time.  After all, the user can switch to another application at any time, and you only have five seconds to store out your data … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #91–Pete Brown on Creating Great Windows 8 Applications

Discussion with Pete Brown, Microsoft Evangelist, on creating great Windows 8 applications.  We also discuss his forthcoming book on Windows 8, hardware, good software design and much more.  Links Pete’s Blog Pete’s Books Pete on Twitter Acer Touch Laptop Logitech … Continue reading

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Using the Grid App Template in Windows 8

Microsoft Visual Studio offers a number of templates for building Windows 8 applications. In most of my postings, we’ve been using the Blank application template, but the Grid App template is extremely powerful.  Unfortunately, it is not obvious how to … Continue reading

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Yet Another Podcast #90–Phil Japikse on Windows 8 & WinJS

Talking with Phil Japikse of Telerik about Windows 8 programming with WinJS.  Phil’s blog Phil’s blog on Telerik Listen | Yet Another Podcast  

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Yet Another Podcast #89–Laurent Bugnion on MVVM and Windows 8

Talking with Laurent Bugnion about MVVM in detail, including the ins and outs of commanding and managing events in Windows 8.   MVVM Light Laurent’s blog IdentityMine Behaviors for Windows 8 (Joost van Schaik, uses Rx) Jesse’s book on LINQ … Continue reading

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