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Learning .NET MAUI – Part 3

Our app will spring to life in AppShell.xaml. We’ll be putting a few additional things there, but key for now is the ShellContent element As you can see there are three attributes: the Title, the ContentTemplate and the Route. The … Continue reading

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Learning .Net Maui – Posting 0

I’m going to start a serious attempt to upgrade my skills from Xamarin.Forms to Maui. I’m not sure how difficult this will be, but I’m starting with James Montemagno’s excellent video/code course for beginners. Unfortunate for me, and perhaps for … Continue reading

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James Montemagno on Maui!

I’m joined by James Montemagno, Principal Lead Program Manager for .NET Community at Microsoft, and the most enthusiastic person I know. James is the author of the .NET Presentations – .Net Maui In A Box, among many other things. You … Continue reading

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Jon Galloway on Visual Studio Mac

Jon joins us again, this time to talk about Visual Studio Mac and Maui!

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.NET Maui!!!

Check out this lineup of guests David Ortinau James Montemagno Maddy Leger What can I say… an hour of amazing Maui goodness, including: What is Maui? When is Maui? How does it affect Xamarin.Forms?

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